Exhibition / Residency Catalogues
2024 PIER-II Artist in Residency 2020-2022
2022 Covered Reality: Archive Orientation and Identity in Taiwanese Contemporary Photography, National Art Museum, Taiwan
  Small is Bountiful: Margaret Shiu's Contemporary Art Collection, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
  Shadow Dancing, Where can we find a silver lining in challenging times? Hong-Gah Museum and Jim Thompson Art Center, Thailand and Taiwan
  Tokyo Biennale 2020/21, Japan
2020 Crisis of Now, Contemporary Asian Photography Part III, Spain/Taiwan
2019 By Ways of Returns, curated by I-Ying Liu, UK
  What is Contemporary Art, curated by Kim Ki-soo, published by Daegu Art Factory, Korea
2018 MMCA Residency Annual Report, published by Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
  離線瀏覽 Offline Browser, The 6th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, curated by Hsu Chia-Wei and Hsu Fong-Ray, published by 鳳甲美術館 Hong Gah Museum, Taiwan
  台北國際攝影節, curated by 邱國峻, Taiwan
  入世・離地 / 貼地・出世 Attachment-Detachment: The fluxes of subjects and objects, Hong Kong/Taiwan Art Exchange Exhibition, curated by 走路草, published by Art Together 藝術到家, Hong Kong
2016 De Regreso A La Isla at Casal Solleric, curated by Helena Lugo, Spain
  謎樣的記憶:從敘事軌跡探視艋舺 Hieroglyphic Memory: Surveying Bangka Through Narrative Trace, curated by Chunchi Wang, Taiwan
2015 Panoramas Do Sul, 19th Festival de Arte Contemporanea SESC_VideoBrasil, published by Videobrasil, Brazil
  Digital Migration, paraflows .X, published by Festival Fur Digitale Kunst Und Kulturen, Austria
  14th Donggang International Photo Festival, Korea
2014 Red Pill, curated by 吳虹霏, published by Galeria H, Taiwan
  You are here, published by Kingsgate Project Space, UK
  No One River Flows 無河不流, curated by Chunchi Wang, Taiwan
  Goldsmiths MFA Degree show, published by Goldsmiths College, UK
2013 標新,立意,館藏青年藝術家作品展 Innovation & Re-creation, Selected Works from the NTMoFA Young Artist Collection, published by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan
  交互視象 2013海峽兩岸當代藝術展 Inter-vision, A Contemporary Art Exhibition Across the Strait, published by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan
2012 購藏計畫作品專輯,青年藝術家作品 Young Artist Collection, published by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan
  Made in Taiwan 新人特區, published by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
  CAFAM future 未來展, published by CAFA Art Museum 中央美术学院美术馆, China
  Austronesian International Arts Award 國際南島美術獎, published by Taitung Art Museum, Taiwan
  Mixed-Other, curated by Monica Shanta Brown, UK
2011 Collection Catalogue 台北市立美術館典藏目錄, published by Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
  Taipei Art Award 台北美術獎, published by Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
  物件奇想 Object Fantasy, published by Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
2010 Emergent LLeida, Festival Internacional de Fotografia I Arts Visuals, Spain
  Nord Art, Germany (2010-2012)
2009 Dying to Know, published by University of Westminster, UK
Other Publications
2024 Citing Bar 2023, edited by Li Weiwei and Wu Hung-Fei
2023 食時事:The food is good, the weather is nice, what have you been up to?, published by 島作放送, Taiwan
  Zoë, self-published artist book, Taiwan
2019 攝影訪談集 2 Photo-logues II, published by 田園城市, Taiwan
2018 A Return to the Island, edited and published by Helena Hugo, Mexico
  Welcoming Ghost, Constellations, published by UP Project and Flat Time House, UK
2017 SHOUT, published by Voice of Photography 攝影之聲, Taiwan
2015 The book of Live, curated by Kittima Chareeprasit, published by CHELSEA Space, UK
  Walk on the Line, published by Metal, UK
  Starkmann Limited Catalogue, UK
  How to get out of London in 30 days, self-published artist book, UK
2014 Salon Flux, published by Salon Flux, UK
2013 Tracing my echo, curated by Froso Papadimitrou, published by Tettix Gallery, Greece
2012 GODISAWOMAN, self-published artist book, UK
2011 Jo vull aprendre Mallorqui, self-published artist book, Spain
  (t)here, volume 13, USA
2010 Reasons to Travel, self-published artist book, UK
  The Private Space Loves Emergent Artists, published by The Private Space, Spain
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