2024 Artist Ting-Ting Cheng on The Last Supper with Oscar Venhuis (Podcast)
2023 Interview - Ting-Ting Cheng, Artist by Li Weiwei, Artist on Asian Contemporary Art
  離開或許是為了再次回來, from Other Places to Our Place, 回歸線Vol.008, published by Chiayi Art Museum
2021 回歸線Vol.005, published by Chiayi Art Museum
  關於島嶼的想像-過去、現在與未來 Imaginations about Islands - The Past, Present and Future by 陳正杰 Jack Chen, Taiwan
  迎頭趕上 茄汁直潑 by 尼修斯 on Macao Daily 澳門日報, Macao
  Renarrating History, Cheng Ting Ting's TAKTH AWAY by Shen Bo-Yi on Taiwan Panorama, Taiwan
  生活好難,不如申請當貓—線上走逛《迴盪之聲》寶藏巖 on Fliper Magazine, Taiwan
2020 The Lockdown Chronicles #2, hARTslane, UK
  Estampas de una crisis, Tendencia del Maercado del Arte, Spain
  Interview with Ting-Ting Cheng, Tokyo Biennale, Japan
  Stars生活美學誌, vol. 14, Taiwan
2019 Kunstlerin Ting-Ting Cheng puzzelt in Ravensburg, Schwäbische Zeitung, Germany
  A view from elsewhere: Ten 'Chinese' Contemporary Artists by I-Ying Liu, Iniva, UK
2018 以藝術穿越過去 by 一影像, Taiwan
2017 Meeting Stuart Hall's Eyes: Ting-Ting Cheng's "On the desert island" by Ned Carter Miles, Art Asia Pacific, UK
  Artist to watch by Charlotte Dos Santos, Contemporary Art Society, UK
  圖書館裡的聲音旅行 On the Desert Island - A Solo Journey Through the Stuart Hall Library by I-Ying Liu, Taiwan
  On the Desert Island, A new work by Ting-Ting Cheng, Iniva, UK
  但親愛的,你幹嘛不自己寫你的歷史呢?by 陳飛豪, Artouch, Taiwan
  西方眼中的東方,「藍色柳樹」再省思話語權, by 林鈺芸, Art Emperor非池中藝術網, Taiwan
  新苑藝術鄭亭亭個展,探討東西方文化異同, 經濟日報, Taiwan
  I am there, I am not there: Ting-Ting Cheng's Project on Domestic Spaces by Tulika Bahadur, Australia
2016 攝影背後的社會學脈絡:旅英藝術家鄭亭亭專訪 by Eric 翁浩原, Polysh, Taiwan
2015 19th Videobrasil, Art Africa, South Africa
2014 未來,我們不再討論媒材 by Jason Yen 嚴仲唐, Art Plus, Taiwan
  I know what you are trying to say II by Aki Kuroki, FLAG magazine, Japan
  鄭亭亭將赴英國泰德美術館談藝術 by 吳垠慧, 中國時報, Taiwan
2013 愛上自己的想像 by 鄭乃銘, 當代藝術新聞雜誌 Cans Art, Taiwan
  A Young Artist's Nostalgia by Rachel Smith, AM Post, Hong Kong
  Rip Off the Labels 撕掉標籤, Design 360 Magazine, China
  ___之間的距離 by 張玉音, ARTCO 典藏今藝術, Taiwan
  Mujeres, Jovenes y conceptuales by Javier Molins, Spain
2012 Ting-Ting Cheng wants to change Western stereotype on Vietnamese by My Tran, Saigon Time, Vietnam
  以貌取書 靜物的異想世界 by Dominique Chiang, ELLE, Taiwan
  40 under 40, Perspective 透視雜誌, Hong Kong
  Artists move online to sell their work to wider audience by Lucy Burton, BBC, UK
  以影像挖掘被隱藏的意義, 攝影世界, China
  I know what you are trying to say by Rachel Marsden, UK
2011 Jo vull aprendre Mallorqui, Enki Mallorca, Spain
  Still life today: The currency of a classic by Sergio Fernández, UK
  "Es Interesante pensar que se pueden fotografiar sonidos" by Bartomeu Nuguera, Diario de Mallorca, Spain
  SNAPPP magazine, Taiwan
  留學帶什麼?鄭亭亭拍各國眾生相 by 吳垠慧, 中國時報, Taiwan
2010 Nagyitas, Mintha tábla lógna rajtuk: ázsiai művész by Fazekas Krisztina, Hungary