One day, I opened a parcel which should belong to me. Instead of the art book I made through a  
website, there is a familly album inside, a book of 88 family pictures of totally stangers.  
Obviously, someone put the wrong book in the parcel.  
The other day, I found a envelope which shouldn't belong to me in my mail box. And there is a  
bag a drug,10g of Meow Meow inside. Obviously, the postman put the letter into the wrong  
Have you ever met a false/accidental encounter before? Have you ever get into someone else's    
life by accident? Or you have received or got something should not belong to you by any chance?
It doesn't have to be an accident through the mail system. It could be an object left in the vintage    
purse you bought, or a letter in the book you borrowed from a library. The romantic encounter    
happens in our everyday life. And the project is collecting the stories of this kind of encounters,    
exploring how we enter other's life by mistake. If anything like that have ever happened to you    
before, please e-mail me tells me the story of it, with the picture of the    
'False/Accidental Encounter' will be featured in the exhibition Open Flat Project in London.
The selected object/story will be listed in the exhibition, and receive the book 'False    
Accidental Encounter'.