In ‘Invisibility’, Ting-Ting Cheng’s photographs of found objects celebrate the banality of everyday   Installation View at TFAM
life. She collected a number of insignificant objects that were discarded on the streets and    
placed them on sculpture plinths.   "Invisibility 1" and "Invisibility 2" are in the collection of
    Taipei Fine Art Museum.
Cheng is working in a long artistic tradition that stretches back to Surrealism. She is more   The project is the winner of 'Artist without studio prize
directly inspired by contemporary artists such as Martin Creed and Fischli and Weiss, whose   2009', Ben-Uri Gallery, London.
absurdist treatment of the everyday raises fundamental questions as to the nature and   It was selecte for Nord Art 2010.
materiality of art.    
These photographs are engaging and humorous. At the same time they raise environmental    
issues concerning the huge amounts of waste generated by our society much of which appears    
to be invisible to consumers. The clinical whiteness of the photographs encourages the viewer    
to inspect the image closely and to scrutinise the subject-matter in a new way ­hopefully    
rendering the invisible visible.